Numsense is currently being played in a number of elementary and middle school classrooms throughout the seacoast of New Hampshire.  If you would like your classroom or your child's to become a Numsense classroom please get in touch for more details at


Why Parents Love Numsense!

Parents love Numsense because it is quick to learn, it’s easy to play, it provides tons of practice, and it provides an update on your child’s developing math skills without nagging.  Numsense is a family game that can be played together with children of all ages.  It’s great family fun that helps all players get better at math, even the parents!


Why Teachers Love Numsense!


Numsense is quick to learn, it’s easy to play, it provides tons of practice, it can be played with many players of mixed ability, and on top of that, students love to play!  The dream game for a classroom teacher is one that can be played with ALL students simultaneously AND would specifically target EACH student’s developing math skills, and make them ALL better at Math!  Of course on top of all of this it would need to be fun so kids would give up recess to play it.  Numsense is that game!

Why Kids Love Numsense!

Kids love Numsense because it’s quick to learn, they can play with their classmates, friends, and family whether they are good at math or not.  Most importantly, kids love Numsense because it’s fun and it really works.  But don’t take our word for it; here are some quotes about the game from kids that have played it:

Numsense is so fun I didn’t even know I was doing math!
— A 4th grader from Newmarket, NH
I love playing Numsense because it’s fun and I don’t have to do any math when we play
— An 8th grader from Amesbury, MA
Numsense really works! Every time I play I find new numbers that work together, it’s fun too!
— An 11th grader from North Reading, MA
Don’t tell kids it’s a math game, nobody wants to play a math game, just tell them it’s a game, and they’ll do the math without even knowing it
— A 7th grader from Boxford, MA
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